X-ray and ultrasound

Digital Radiography (X-ray)

earlshall_services_digital xrayWe have state of the art digital X-ray facilities at both the Hospital and the Shoebury Surgery. Unlike the traditional film X-rays our images are captured on a computer program. This enables us to manipulate the image to lighten or darken it and zoom in on certain areas.

By producing excellent quality X-rays much more quickly and efficiently we therefore reduce the number of X-rays we need to take of your pet and the anaesthetic time that your pet needs to be a sleep.

Our vets are highly experienced in interpreting the images produced, allowing a swift diagnosis. If the x-rays need to be referred for a second opinion this can be done easily via email due to the nature of them being digital rather than sending the films off in the post. At the hospital we routinely perform contrast studies which involve introducing a special radio-opaque dye to more clearly highlight objects in the body when required.


We offer diagnostic abdominal and thoracic ultrasound. Several of our vets have received advanced training to enable them to conduct and interpret specialised scans viewing the organs such as liver and kidneys.

Specialist heart scans can help to determine different types of heart defects and disease. Pregnancy diagnosis can also be undertaken to help determine if a patient is pregnant and sometimes to approximate how many offspring are likely though it is never possible to be 100% accurate. Ultrasound can also be used to do some ultrasound guided fine needle aspirate tests.