Nurse consultations

earlshall_services_nurseclinicsOur nursing team is managed by our head nurse Jenny Hagger, who has been with the practice for 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Being a nurse training practice ensures that we are kept up to date with the latest techniques and standards to enable us to effectively teach our student nurses.

One of our qualified nurses Justine Thorne carries out a range of nurse clinics and is a pet nutritionist so she is equipped to answer questions you may have about your pet’s dietary needs. She is also experienced in alternative remedies.

Duties that nurses are responsible for include:

  • Caring for the in-patients, ensuring they are comfortable, clean, up to date with the medications, treatment and help monitor their progress with regular ward rounds and patient checks
  • Cleanliness of all clinical areas including ward, operating theatre and radiography
  • Maintaining high clinical standards required as a RCVS hospital
  • Preparation of the environment and patients for all surgical operations and procedures
  • Monitoring anaesthetics and assisting with surgical procedures
  • Educate pet owners on preventative treatment and the care of their pets following diagnosis of diseases and after surgery
  • Laboratory work including testing of blood samples and urine analysis
  • Assisting the veterinary surgeon with examination, procedures and treatments

Nurse Clinics

These clinics are generally available most days and are booked by appointment only.

Nail clips (Charged)

Some pets may need their nails trimmed from time to time if they are not wearing down normally. This can be done by our nurses. It is good to get your pet used to having its paws touched and picked up for examinations.

Dental checks (Free)

Oral hygiene is so important for your pets and a lot of dental diseases can be prevented. In these clinics we can examine your pets mouth and advise you on the best type of treatment in both prevention and remedial. Our nurses can perform a free dental check for your cat or dog and advise you of the best oral hygiene regime. []

Diet advice (Free)

We are able to give you the best advice on what is the best diet to feed, how much and how often. We are happy to advise you if your pet has food sensitivities or intolerances.

Cat-FleaFlea and Worm advice (Free)

We can explain to you the various types of parasites that your pet could be at risk from or indeed may already have and give you simple advice to eradicate them. We can also demonstrate to you how to apply any of the products.

earslhall_services_20_parasitesadvice[1]Tick removals (Charged)

Removal of ticks and demonstration on how this can be done at home with special tools.

6 monthly Health checks (free on HPC loyalty scheme)

These are comprehensive discussions and general check ups to help ensure your pet is in tip top condition. These are used to help you as owners look out for signs of trouble and give you advice about diet, exercise, behavior, neutering and preventative health care.

Neutering advice (Free)

We can discuss with you whether your pet should be castrated or speyed and exactly what it involves and the likely post operative care required.

Post operative wound checks and suture removals (Free)

Checking your pet after surgery, ensuring that it is well in itself and checking the wound to ensure it is healing well. Sutures can also be removed quite simply in a consult slot.

Dressing clinic (Charged)

If your pet requires its dressing to be removed and changed this can be done with the nurse.

Admission and discharge of in-patients (Free)

When your pet needs to be admitted for the day for an operation or procedure the nurse will generally admit the patient and go through the consent form with you and at the end of the procedure discharge the patient and go through all the post operative care information and any medication required.

Weight clinics (Free)

Our qualified nurses are specially trained to be able to give you the very best advice and guidance in achieving and maintaining an optimum weight for your pet what ever the species.

Senior pet checks (Free)

General check over and discussion with a qualified nurse. Opportunity to discuss any issues, diet, weight, changes etc. we may also take your pets blood pressure and test a urine sample for you. When booking this appointment it may be advisable to collect a sample pot prior to your appointment so that you can bring the sample with you at your appointment.

Our nurses are always happy to advise over the phone or alternatively, call us to book an appointment at the hospital or contact your local Earls Hall branch for their own appointment days and times.