earlshall_services_laboratoryAt our hospital we have a well equipped laboratory and dedicated laboratory technician. This allows us to run a variety of tests without delay such as blood biochemistry and haematology, urine analysis including sediment exam and culture, cytology (microscope work looking at cells from tumours for example), culture and sensitivities from swabs taken and blood smears to name but a few. Having the facilities on site means we can make diagnoses quicker allowing us to get your pet on the correct treatment much more quickly.

Our Shoebury surgery also has blood machines so samples can be tested immediately on site. The other branches send the samples over to the hospital usually the same day for immediate testing.

Any sample that we are unable to run in practice is sent to one of our external laboratories by courier overnight and tests are started first thing in the morning. Depending on the test, these results are generally available within 1 to 5 days.

Well pet bloods (Huge discounts on blood screen at the same time as booster vaccination)

When your pet comes in for a routine booster vaccination, the veterinary surgeon carries out a physical examination but they cannot fully asses the condition of the internal organs. Age related illnesses often develop slowly and can easily be missed in the early stages. Modern veterinary medicine means that we can now offer the benefits of regular health checks to your pets. The well pet health screen is a special price from only £40 compared to the normal price of £90 and from £49 for seniors. This can be offered to you as a routine screen only at the time of your pets booster vaccination.